Born in 1991, I was raised in Hollywood, Florida.  I received two undergraduate degrees by completing the Brown/RISD Dual Degree Program where I studied Art History and Painting respectively.  While running my own painting practice, I have had the opportunity to do art historical research while working for the RISD Museum and have worked at various other auction houses and galleries. I next received a Masters in Art Business from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in NY.  My education there greatly benefited my professional artistic practice as well as provided other opportunities to work within the art world, such as as an appraiser at O'Toole-Ewald Art Associates in Manhattan and as a research assistant to private art agents. My work experiences have enriched my art and my knowledge as a practicing artist has benefited my work in the art world. My studio is currently located in South Florida. In addition to selling my paintings, drawings, and prints, I also take commissions, create public installations, loan my artwork, take part in fairs and exhibit extensively. I am currently represented by Gallery Piquel in New Hope, Pennsylvania and the Beddington Gallery in Bargemon, France.


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