The Beddington Fine Art Gallery is located in Bargemon, France and run by Guy and Michèle Beddington. They follow a long tradition as members of both families in every generation since the 19th century have been closely involved in the Arts, either as patrons, experts, dealers or as artists.

Long-time admirers of the Midi, and permanent residents nowadays, they exhibit well-known Contemporary Artists on two floors of a magnificent 18th century 'Maison de Maître' on the south-facing remparts of the mediaeval village of Bargemon, where they also display works from their eclectic collections from other periods.

They work with museums and offer an art consultancy service to private clients, architects and to interior designers covering all aspects from the sourcing, purchase and sale of works of art to advice on valuation and insurance.

For information on consigned work and pricing, contact the gallery directly.


Les Remparts
83830 Bargemon
Var, Provence

tel/ fax : +33 (4) 94 76 64 06
mobile : +33 (6) 64 80 29 55
email :

Beddington Fine Art Website

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