Artist's Statement

I am a contemporary expressionist artist. My art endeavors to show truths about today’s world through people, space and color.  I hope to evoke unique emotions and ideas in the viewer by releasing powerful intuitions through my portrayal of human lives.  Each of my paintings begin with my perception of contemporary society and my experience of truths revealed by that perception.  I invite viewers to empathize with my desire to express today’s truths and encourage viewers to recognize and explore their own truths and emotions as they view my work.  I deeply believe that expressive, figurative art can clearly and emphatically communicate with viewers emotionally and intellectually.

As a contemporary artist, I utilize a wide range of classical and digital techniques to arrive at a composition which serves as a guide for my creative process.  I hope to capture fleeting intuitions and stretch out their significance, embedding meaning into the scenes and people I portray.  My technique involves repetitious preparative draftsmanship juxtaposed with spontaneous and succinct decisions and expression. 

This way of working speaks to my understanding of memory.  I find that memories often come to me from the spontaneous epiphanies I have when repeatedly exposed to an image.  Memory can distort truth and often proves to be inaccurate.  But memories are always real for the one remembering and are an integral component of the human experience.  In a time when countless images flash before our eyes only to be quickly forgotten, we risk losing touch with the important intuitions and feelings we each have that guide our understanding of the world.  The choice to commit to images is thus daunting, but for me it is more important than ever.  

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